Kamis, 04 Juni 2009

about my 18th bday (30 November 2008)

mmmm, firstly, i dont know what to say....
bcoz honestly i didn't want to expect too much for my bday,

lately, all the things around me is going so bad...
beeeeeh, lets say its really worseeee,
i realise that i really want to angry to everyone, EVERY ONE!!!
the things that happened to me it so sucks and terrible,
nothing can make me count my birth DAY so wisee,
more over there's no one special ( i thought)
in fact, someone that used to be special (and i used to be care about him also his bday),said congrats for my bday with really 'good' short message, but so deep!huaaaa but its never minee,
bcoz there are some people wake me up.....
saturday nite, i watched jakjazz show, on the midnight, it was my bday, but nothing special,
i still watched afgan sang a song with all my friends....
and the show was over,
i was just thought, i would go home..
but my friends told me to stop at gas station,uuuuh, yeah i wanna pee tooo at that time,
but surprisingly, my college's friend showed up!
they took a cake, weeew, i was really shocked, but thanks meeen!
then, on the morning, was going so fine, till all my brothers said that they have something to do, but helloooooo, its my birthday, why they dont care about me?
sooo, i got to sleep, but my phone rang for many time. huuuh i just so mad! so i didn't pick up any call for me, i just keep sleeping ( so lazy)
jeng jeng
my dad said there was my friends in front of my house, weeeeeew,
yeah that my friends, they gave me a blue dolphiiin.. (thanks my 2 brotheeeers!!!!!!)

then, after my friend went home,
i went to tamini kemang,
huaaaaah, finally i got dinner with my 'BUSY' lovely family
and OH NO, they still care about me, there are some surprisee again for me,
my mom, give me a wallet that i really want to buy (she said that she had bought that before i told her that i really want it, its really nature i think!)
and how bout my two brothers?
they told me to go to the car, and take my gift from theem,
oh wooow, really2 woooooooooow
THERE WAS THREE BIG THINGS (their gift) in my car.....
oh my god, from that time, i feel so blessed....(thoucing moment)

suddenly, i have no more passion to eat my food. hahaha
im sooo busy to open my present from them. I GOT TWO BAGS and TWO PILLOWS...
huaaaaaaa, i really love u all my family

the next day, which is 1st December 2008
my friends in law faculty really want me to treat them,
first, i lil' bit dissagree if they want to take me out of ui to treat them
but, after i have thought about it, i think thats okeyyy...
when we got to the restaurant, there was some surprises for me..
there was a cake and a gift tooo from themm,
wew, i was so happy!!!!!!

now, i see something that i have realised.
eventhough there was no BIG party like last year,when i was 17th years old.
i think it really enough...really enough for my 18th..
hopefully its like someone's wishes for me that i sorrounded with sincere people around me..
yeah, so thank u......

for all, I LOVE U ALL!!!!!!
mmuach, thanks for every each care for me!!!!

yang penting gw bharap cerita gw ttap dapat dimengertiiiiiiiii...
mav mav mav mav bgt englishnya ancuuuur!)

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