Kamis, 09 Juli 2009

dont drama please

sometimes i feel life not as easy as we think usually..
hm, many people keep saying,
"if i were you, i would..."
or maybe "i think, you should...."
i often listening those sentences actually, haha, in fact, i can't use their advices..
no, it isn't bcos they're wrong, but, the fact is my life doesn't like too ordinary, there are many drama and i think quite complicated..
maybe my closest friend can understand what i mean, and maybe now they are too tired to give me an advice, they just still (well i know that) stand by-ing their arms, their ears, and their hearts for keep hearing me..
every second on my life look like playing drama-queen-game..
if u look at me now, u'll just see an ordinary girl
but i think im not a though a girl that u see, deep down i'm fragile..

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