Jumat, 10 Juli 2009

i want a long nite..

me? i really love doing something on midnight times..
on my mind, the perfect time that i can get my really "me-time" is on the midnight..
no disturbing
no one can stop me doing anything (except someone's awake becos of me make a noisy sounds)

i love being a part of the night, i feel really comfortable..
night is like really the one thing that can understand on full side.....
really who am i..

it can't yell-ing me to get sleep as soon as possible, it exactly want me to stay awake...
weew, it really respect me..

you can see me like im a weirdo person, a girl, A LITTLE GIRL loves being insomnia..
haha but still with no reason, i like having a midnight call, midnight chat, midnight letter, midnight reading, midnight writting, (sometimes) midnight studying, and last midnight love..

heey moon in the sky and the bright stars..
i love you all, keep me always with you everynight, we can share everything that we have along every-busy-day...
we can share laughs and tears..
take me to another space world.. :)

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